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terra / firma


Jean Crosbie, Holly Jean Crosbie

An exhibition of works in clay by Jean Crosbie and Holly Jean Crosbie. Although working in isolation to one another, both artists are engaged in an exploration of landscape, topology and mark making. The works they each produce remain wholly unique, with both artists creating their own visual language through their personal experimentations working in clay. terra/firma offers viewers the chance to explore their individual approaches to shared themes such as nature, geology and the formation and decay of naturally occurring structures.

The exhibition is the first time that the works by the artists, who are mother and daughter, have been exhibited together.

Jean Crosbie (b.1954) is an artist who has been making works in clay for 25 years. She draws inspiration from the formation of clay and its relationship to the earth. Her works are both from the earth and reflect the colours, feel and sensations of nature and of the natural world. The artists’ experimentations using oxides allow for further explorations in expressing her response to the natural world and the earth we exist upon.

Holly Jean Crosbie (b.1989) is an architect and artist. Working across architecture, ceramics and textiles her works draw on multiple artistic languages. Architectural in scope, her works in clay often reflect the ways in which structures, both natural and human made come into existence. Working exclusively in porcelain her singular works appear otherworldly, celestial as if grown or discovered, their existence automatous from the earth.

“Clay has always been a fundamental part of human life. We live in buildings made from clay, and use objects made from clay in our every day lives. The work of Jean Crosbie and Holly Jean Crosbie challenges viewers to reconsider their relationship with clay, to consider again the structures and forms we live around and interact with. Through their unique world building their work pushes the boundaries and ambitions of working in clay.”

Edward Liddle, Curator for Knot Works

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