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Knot Works: Presents II


The exhibition featured over thirty drawings created by artists and designers living in the UK and internationally. The exhibition showcased a range of approaches to drawing, including note making, sketches, preparatory drawings and experimental works.

Drawing offers a fascinating insight into the creative process. At times, drawing can be necessary and exploratory in nature. At other times, it serves a more radical purpose and enables the producer to create a drastically different output than is usual.

The drawings reflect the breadth of an often overlooked art form and supports one of the aims of Knot Works, to bring attention to the work of contemporary artists and designers. Many of the drawings in the exhibition have never been publicly exhibited.

The exhibition included a new ‘pigment drawing’ created by French artist Élodie Huet, made using tape and pigment, the traces of the tape beautifully picked up by the delicate handling of pigment. Maddy Mathews’ drawing made using dense pencil marks is steeped in the intricacies of internet culture and memes. There are preparatory painted works like those made by Richard Jed Butler and Lucienne O’Mara which offer a glimpse into their creative process. And works by Elizabeth McCarten and Tim Patrick provide a direct link to the great historical masters of drawing. Together, the range of approaches to drawing featured in the exhibition demonstrates the potential, and inherently boundary pushing nature of drawing.

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