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Feeling Bright Blue by Kate Sims


Kate Sims

Knot Works presents Feeling Bright Blue, a solo exhibition of new works by Kate Sims.

Sims (b.1987 USA) is a multidisciplinary artist working across a variety of media. For her first solo presentation the artist created a new series of photographs exploring her relationship to the colour blue. The works in Feeling Bright Blue continue the artists’ exploration of beauty and joy in response to growing international environmental crises.

Alongside new photographs, the exhibition featured an evolving display of portraits taken throughout the duration of the exhibition. Visitors were invited to sit for a portrait and to share their thoughts on living in contemporary society where impermanence, change and global crises are becoming the norm.

Feeling Bright Blue continues the artists desire to connect with others in an attempt to share knowledge, experience and emotions. The exhibition is a call for collectivism, an invitation to be vulnerable and reflect together to find solutions to what can seem insurmountable challenges when faced alone.

The photographs in Feeling Bright Blue, together with the artists evolving collection of visitor portraits and responses form an ongoing conversation between the artist and her community both locally and globally.

​For more information, and to view the portraits and read the visitor responses, visit the artists website above. @katethingsdotcom

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